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we, the people

    • name Andrea Sorbini
    • mail contact
    • name Andrea Reale
    • mail contact
    • name Enrico Savioli
    • mail contact
    • name Salvatore Lamalfa
    • mail contact

our projects

    • name tazio
    • description A distributed transactional shared memory (DSTM) system with a clustered replicated back end, in Java.
    • name whadl
    • description Custom syntax, a parser and a verification engine to describe composition rules and playing builds of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k. Java.
    • name ask susanna!
    • description A javascript implemented crowdsourced text corrector. Still very beta!


    • name Colli's Day 2011
    • description 24 hours BBQ on Bologna's Colli and, for this year, on the hills of the San Francisco Bay Area.
      Hippie love, geek racism, pork, beer, fresh air, bad habits.
      All in one great barbecue. Only on May 15th 2011


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    next king and has nothing to do with our genitalia,
    drop a mail at
    and we promise we'll listen to all you gotta say
    (and possibly, we'll also write you back, you just need
    to have a little bit of patience for that).

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